How Do I Get My Own YouTube Google API Key?

To use YouTube's API to pull in videos to your site, Google requires that users register their own API key (for logging and quota purposes). 

Luckily, getting your own API key is free and easy!

We use the TubePress WordPress plugin to pull YouTube videos into our websites (although you will need your own API key for any video plugin you choose to use).  Follow the steps below to get your API key and enter it into the plugin's settings.

Getting your YouTube API key

1.  Navigate to the Google Developer's Console and sign in (or create a free Google account if you don't have one already...rare these days!)

2.  After you agree to Google's Terms of Service, you'll be taken to screen that will look like this:


Click on the "CREATE" link to start the process.

3.  Enter your website's name (or any name you'd like, it can be anything) in the "Project name" field and click the blue "Create" button:


4.  Once the project is created, make sure you are on the project dashboard and click "ENABLE APIS AND SERVICES"


After doing this, you will be directed to the API Library where you can scroll down until you see the YouTube Data API v3 option, which you should click on:


Then proceed to click on the blue "ENABLE" button.



5.  You will then be taken to the YouTube Data API v3 Overview page where you can click "CREATE CREDENTIALS:


Click the blue API key link (circled in red in the screenshot):



6.  You will then be brought to a page to create your key.  You can leave all of the defaults here and just click "Create" at the bottom:


7.  A box will pop up with your new API Key.  Copy your API Key.


Connecting your new API Key to your website

Now you're ready to add your new API key to your website!

1.  Login to your website's WordPress Dashboard and navigate to the TubePress settings page by going to Settings>Tubepress.  You'll see a "feed" tab on top that you have to click to get to the area where you add your key:


2.  Paste your new API Key into the Google API key field, scroll down, and click the blue save button on the bottom left of the screen.

After doing this, the videos on your website should magically start appearing!

If you have any problems, or would like us to enter your key into the plugin settings for you, just open up a ticket and we'll take care of you ASAP!

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