How Do I Customize the Amazon Products Displayed on My Shop Page?

The Amazon's products found on our websites are controlled by Amazon's Native Shopping Ads.  You can create your own Native Shopping Ads with any Amazon products you'd like by creating a new widget from within your Amazon Associates account.


Creating the New Shopping Widget

1.  Login to your Amazon Associates dashboard found at:

2.  Navigate to Product Linking>Native Shopping Ads.  You can review the 3 types of native shopping ads that Amazon allows you to create or just skip to the creation process.  For the most control over the products in your ads, click Custom Ads.



3.  Follow Amazon's directions for adding products to your widget.  They will only display a maximum of 8 products at a time, although they will let you choose more than that.  Also, you can specify the title but we blank it out for a cleaner look.  Definitely leave the "Responsive" and "Show Search Bar" options checked!


4.  When you are done creating your new widget (they will let you preview it), just copy the ad code that Amazon generated for you and paste it into the shop or store page on your website.


Adding your New Widget to Your Website

1.  Login to your website's Wordpress Dashboard by going to YourDomainName/wp-admin (replace YourDomainName with your own domain).

2.  Navigate to Pages>All Pages and find your ”Store/Shop” page from the list (the name will vary with each site) and click on it.

3.  Make sure the Text tab is selected so that the code is viewable


4.  Paste your new ad code from Amazon right over the existing code and click Update.  You should now see your custom products on your store page!



Tips & Tricks

  • You can also add any Native Ad widgets you create right into any of the widget areas found in your WordPress Dashboard.  For example, you can create one for your website's sidebar and paste your new code over what's there or drag a new Custom HTML widget over to one of the sidebar areas and paste the code in that.
  • If you want to display more than 8 items on your Shop page, you can simply create additional widgets and paste the extra widget codes right under the existing code (stacking the separate ads to have more products).  Remember that the point is to get visitors to click through any of the items (or use the search bar) and get them onto Amazon's website ASAP.  Once they are on Amazon's website, you'll get credit for anything a visitor purchases within that shopping session.  So more products isn't necessarily better, just a few popular, targeted products should do the trick!


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